Ski Tuning & Services

World Cup quality ski tuning with Wintersteiger ski tuning machines

Wintersteiger First Class ski and board tuning at Northern Ski WorksThe goal of our ski service department is to provide the best tuning available for the unique skiing conditions each week.  Our knowledgeable ski tuning veterans use a combination of automated and manual grinding machines from Wintersteiger to ensure the highest quality ski tuning in the area.

A good ski tune is critical to a good ski season

Sharp ski edges save energy and increase safety.  With a good ski tune, less energy is needed to use the skis and there is a lower risk of accidents. Professional edge grinding ensures uncompromising grip even on icy slope conditions.  Optimum structured base ensures a perfect turn and smooth easy gliding in all snow conditions.  With a good structure on the base of your skis they will be easier to turn and glide.

How do you know when your skis need a tune?

After each day of skiing you should thoroughly inspect your equipment for wear or damage, things to look out for are:
  • Dull, rounded edges or damages such as nicks and burrs in the metal.  If your edges are worn your ski/board will want to continually slip out from under you while making turns.  Dull edges will no longer grip the snow helping you carve your turns.  Worn edges can be particularly hard to ski/ride on firm or icy snow conditions.  
  • Damage to the base of the skis like scratches or deep gouges. Even small scratches can impede glide and can lead to more damage if not repaired.  Deep gouges, which penetrate to the core, or run along the steel edges need to be repaired by a qualified repair shop.
  • Dry bases.  As you ski/ride the wax wears from the base due to friction and will leave it with a dry, fuzzy, gray appearance. By applying a fresh coat of wax you will refresh the base and improve the glide while conditioning it against oxidation. Base wax wears relatively quickly, especially on dry snow and should be re-applied after every 2 to 4 days of use.

Northern Ski Works Tuning Rates

The Works:  $60.00  Full Wintersteiger Mercury tune complete with base repair, stone grind edge and wax.  Formerly called the #1 tune up, this is a high end tune to match factory specs.

Full Tune:  $50.00  Full Wintersteiger Mercury tune without base repair.  High end stone grind edge to factory finish and wax.

Edge and Wax:  $30.00  Economy tune up on the Wintersteiger Micro 71. Belt edge finish and wax.

Edge Grind Only:  $15.00     Wax Only:  $15.00

Northern Ski Works Race Ski Tuning Rates

World Cup Race Prep:  $179.00  Personalized race grind based on ski discipline and skiers specification on the Wintersteiger Mercury.  Hand file desired bevels, hand finish edges with side wall removal. 1 cycle Swix Hot Box wax of choice from our selection of Swix racing wax.

Masters Race Prep:  $119.00  Customized grind on the Wintersteiger Mercury. Machine edging with ceramic disc finish, side wall removal and hand polish edges. Choice of Swix racing wax for conditions hand applied and brushed.

Nastar Race Prep:  $69.00  Good follow up to the World Cup or Masters race tunes as a maintenance tune. Grind in the Wintersteiger Mercury to match disciple or prior grind, disc edge finish and wax.

Binding Services

Ski binding mounting - drill and mount with release test  $60.00

Ski binding mounting for system ski with release test  $35.00