Northern Ski Works Reviews and Testimonials from our Customers

Charlie L. from West Henrietta, NY via email

5/9/2016 by Charlie L.
I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and the service provided by NSW. Unfortunately having bought the skis at the end of the season my first turns on them will not be until next winter. My previous two pairs of skis were AC50's and the previous

Online shopper Mark K. via our website

4/13/2016 by Mark K.
I recently purchased a pair of skis and was extremely pleased with the buying process, the price, the free shipping, and the speed of delivery. Yeah, that's right - this isn't a complaint! Great job!

Brian F. from Norwalk CT via Yelp

3/7/2016 by Brian F.
A+++ rating from me.

Duncan from Google+

1/4/2016 by Duncan
Great boot fitting experience: very knowledgeable, patient, friendly, helpful staff. Extensive stock and very competitive pricing too!

EP from NY NY via Yelp (Re: Ludlow/Okemo store)

12/4/2015 by EP
Great people and very helpful.  Tom, Cory, Andy, Jeremy, Maria and crew make this place very enjoyable!

Lulu T. from Boston, MA via Yelp

4/19/2015 by Lulu T.
Want a top notch boot fit? Chris @ Northern is your man.

Deb W. from Queens, NY Yelp Review 2

Came back, demoed skis another day. The staff was friendly and helpful. My favorite part of this place is the dog upstairs!

Hazel G. from Bennington, NH via Yelp

1/29/2015 by Hazel G.
The boot fitters here are top notch. I've been having problems with uncomfortable boots for years! Thanks to Rich, I was able to wear my boots all day, and develop a love for skiing, that I never thought possible!

Fran M. from Amesbury, MA via Yelp

1/28/2015 by Fran M.
I would recommend this shop to anyone. They were also just very friendly and professional all around.

James P. from Fair Haven, NJ via Yelp (re: our Ludlow/Okemo store)

12/31/2014 by James P.
Very knowledgeable staff. They custom fit my ski boots perfect. Also love my skis I demoed first then ended up buying

Deb W. from Queens, NY Yelp Review 1

12/25/2014 by Deb W.
I have the same pair reserved for next week to see if I like them. If I do i will buy them from Northern Works, their price for this ski was the lowest in the area. The people seem nice. There is an awesome dog upstairs in the retail section.

Danielle H. from Wallingford Center, CT via Yelp (re: our Ludlow/Okemo store)

3/8/2014 by Danielle H.
My son and I rented skiis for the weekend. The staff was knowledgable & friendly. They were very patient & made my 4 year old comfortable with his boots & skiis. The service was quick too!

EP from NY NY via Yelp (Re: Ludlow/Okemo store)

1/24/2014 by EP
Best ski shop in town.

Meredith P. from Brooklyn, NY via Yelp

1/19/2014 by Meredith P.
Awesome shop. I was having a terrible time with a new pair of boots giving me shin-bang something awful. I walked in without an appointment or ever having done business with them before and the master fitters there did a custom moulding and put in

Terry K. from Greencastle, IN via Yelp

1/10/2013 by Terry K.
Renting, buying or maintaining your equipment, this is the place to do it!

Jeremy H. from Edison, NJ via Yelp

1/2/2013 by Jeremy H.
These guys are real professionals.

Ryan M. from NY NY via Yelp (re: our Ludlow/Okemo store)

9/12/2010 by Ryan M.
Even with Sean gone, this place is still the best rental place in town. Best new gear selection as well!